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  Burnham Sweeps is pleased to provide you with a professional first class chimney sweeping service.  Fresh dust sheets along with the use of brushes and a vacuum ensure no residual mess or soot is left behind and your carpets and floors are protected.  A clean, conscientious and value for money service is assured. 
A member of the Institute of Chimney Sweeps, which provides the industry with a trademark for quality and safety which all members, work and adhere, fully covered with liability insurance.
Chimney fires can be very dangerous and disruptive and can also lead to the loss of one’s home or business.  They may burn themselves out, cause serious damage to the masonry and brickwork, leaving the owner with an expensive repair bill or even lead to a house fire.  Once your chimney has been swept and given a ‘Smoke Test’ to ensure the flue is not leaking and that the chimney has a good draw, a certificate will be issued to ensure that you are covered by your own insurance in the event of a chimney fire.